Agency Goals:

  1. Safety: Here at Moonlight Group Homes LLC, the safety of our members is always our top priority. We will always defend, protect, and serve our valued members, employees as well as the governing bodies. We will hold everyone to such high integrity that we are always getting better, almost flawless.
  2. Independence: Moonlight Group Homes LLC envisions a sense of independence in people’s lives regardless of their life circumstances. To attain this goal, Moonlight Group Homes LLC will provide person-centered education and resources to develop to gain confidence that will lead to self-sufficiency gradually.
  3. Health Care: We hope this great nation will one day allow its citizens to have a good and guaranteed healthcare benefit so that no American will be left to die due to unattended and untreated chronic illnesses.
  4. Self-Esteem: One major challenge that people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders often encounter is the presence of low self-esteem. Our goal is to develop strong self-esteem within the members that might have been tampered with based on the individual’s experience of the great adversary through their life cycle before placement of our services.
  5. Sanctuary: Moonlight Group Homes LLC provides a comfortable and safe environment for living residents with developmental disabilities and the autism spectrum community.