Who We Are

Agency Core Values

  1. Person-centered Undoubtedly, we believe in the uniqueness of every person, and our clients deserve the same treatment and care regardless of their diagnosed disabilities.
  2. Hope: In any adversary we face, we see it as an opportunity to serve, and therefore, we feel in the state of being optimistic in a sense that our expectations are always positive with an outcome concerning any life challenges and circumstances across our lifespan and those of our clients.
  3. Family: As our slogan profoundly says, “We care about you like family.” With this in mind, we treat and care for each member the same way we would treat and care for our own family members. 
  4. Empowerment: We always work to empower our members because we know that they can attain the ability to do something meaningful in their lives when they are empowered.
  5. Empathy: Correlating and feeling for our clients to support them psychologically is an approach we would always like to take to uplift, boost their confidence and make them feel better.
  6. Compassion: We always strive to show full support to alleviate the pain our clients might have endured as a result of abuse, if any, whether physical or emotional.
  7. Sympathy: As humans, we always sympathize, and we always would like to give the best possible service with sympathy.
  8. Respect: We show respect to everyone we encounter, particularly, we show respect to every member, employee, and community member. We seek to always show respect towards our employees in a manner full of dignity to expect the same from them.
  9. Diversity: At Moonlight Group Homes LLC, we embrace and celebrate diversity and acknowledge that each one of us is unique. Everyone has a different background, and we internalize and recognize our differences, yet we all strive to achieve one mission and vision. We appreciate the value of diversity.
  10. Integrity: Despite any situation, life circumstance placed us in, our integrity and ethics shall never be compromised.
  11. Advocate: We do understand that we work with the most vulnerable community in our society; thus, we are committed to providing individualized support, advocacy, and recommendation for the best interest and well-being of our members.
  12. Professionalism: At Moonlight Group Homes LLC, you can expect us to uphold a professional demeanor, which includes but providing all of the home and community integration services needed by our client(s). With possession of the right tools and equipment to our employees, we can monitor our clients’ behavior to provide outstanding performance to the service that will aide staff members refrain from exploiting the agency or the individual requiring the services. We also adhere to an acceptable dress code to maintain a field of professionalism.
  13. We believe that working together equally in respect to produce the best outcomes for our members is indeed essential to the services we provide to our members.