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father, mother, and adolescent daughter

Agency Philosophy of Care

Moonlight Group Homes LLC and Relationship with the Individuals We Serve:

At Moonlight Group Homes LLC, we are devoted to caring for each of our members as unique individuals. We will always treat each of them with the respect and dignity they deserve as people and human beings. While we strive to provide person-centered residential care and community integration services, we all keep in mind that we actively listen to our valued members and hear them first before placing them on the program that fits them. Being active and compassionate listeners are our top priority because it’s our philosophy that when we heard from our valued members, we might only understand what they went through. Hence, we can collaborate with them to better assist and provide the highest services for them. At Moonlight Group Homes LLC, anyone can expect to feel happy and dealt with politely, and our staff are well trained to be helpful towards the members we serve. The amalgamation of our members’ culture and diversity shall be the method to determine the way we deliver service to everyone. Diversity determines how to provide services to everyone we serve, but it shall reflect our work ethic within the company. We are committed to bringing forth brilliant and diverse employees since it is integral to our existence. 

Moonlight Group Homes LLC’s Approach to Provide Health Care:

Although we respect and consider our members’ families, power of attorneys, and advocates’ input, our members ultimately have decision-making. We treat and care for each member in a unique way that is different from the rest to the members we serve mainly to serve them well. In each of our members, we see uniqueness and generate an individualized plan of care. Our care is based on the what questions rather than on why questions. We also take advantage of our members’ strengths and values throughout life. Addressing their fundamental human needs will maximize our productivity to meet our members’ needs and manage the best way to improve their well-being. We believe that examining and evaluating the services we provide for our members will allow us to improve and grow. We also believe that community involvement in our agency is paramount. Therefore, we will continue seeking feedback, concerns, and comments from the community. We will emphasize the idea of collaborating with the healthcare system—from the local to the state officials to work on the betterment of our healthcare system. We will utilize an ecological approach to our care and treatment.   

Moonlight Group Homes LLC’s Work Atmosphere:

At Moonlight Group Homes LLC, we are one big family, yet with different backgrounds united by one common mission—to serve our community without any hesitation. We feel fortunate to be part of this family-centered agency. Our requirements and expectations are to show respect, kindness, support, and extend hands for help, most importantly, our valued members, colleagues, administrators, top management team, and properties. We treat others the same way we would like to be treated. The amalgamation of teamwork and leadership is essential to our work performances. Day in and day out, we all encourage one another simply to produce better results effectively. Moonlight Group Homes LLC does recognize and greatly appreciates the countless contributions from our employees. We are fully aware that we cannot accomplish anything without their efforts and contributions. Our core values shall reflect upon our work performance. As part of our development, we always seek and welcome new ideas, recommendations, and innovations. To minimize the vicarious trauma, we intentionally incorporate amusement into our workplace. So, do not be surprised to be amused and try not to laugh. 

Moonlight Group Homes LLC and Relationship with the Community:

We cannot express enough how fortunate we feel to reside, raise our families, and work in this country, especially in the great state of Maine. We think it is an honor and privilege to serve our community’s most vulnerable ones challenged with disabilities of mental, emotional, physical, and autism. We have a huge commitment to helping them in such a diverse and great community with all kinds of people. Moonlight Group Homes LLC is open for everyone in our community who needs our services and is always more than welcome. Our doors, as well as our hearts, are available for our community.
We believe that when we take the initiative towards serving our community, we will fulfill the responsibilities on our shoulders as citizens. Still, we also provide remarkably effective health care services that enhance our productivity as a community. By partnering and working with our community agencies—both governmental & non-governmental from legal, healthcare, education, and all other systems of organizations-we will unleash new resources for our community members that were not possible at first. As a result, there will be healthier and happier community members. When we employ our own community members, this will boost both the productivity of our citizens and the economy.

Moonlight Group Homes LLC Youth Programs

College Prep: Moonlight Group Homes LLC provides a college preparation program designed for those impacted by intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders, especially for sophomore year students in high school and their families. In our College Prep, it is open to the public as a way to give back to our community. However, our top priority is the members who suffer from intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder and who are determined and decided to go to college would expect to receive the following: 

College explore—highly experienced staff at Moonlight group Homes LLC will closely guide the individual(s) to research their college(s) online as well as in person. The individual(s) would schedule a visit to the college(s) with help from the staff, work on a college application(s) either by online and hardcover application. Furthermore, Moonlight Group Homes LLC staff would provide the best consultations regarding a letter of recommendations, filling with the financial aid application if necessary, and supporting the decision-making process of which college best fit their interest. 

Academic Program: Moonlight Group Homes LLC is proud to provide academic programs to individuals with or without individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. It is one of our chief goals to provide high-class tutoring programs for the individuals we serve to have meaningful life and empowerment tools that they could utilize in their future endeavors. In addition, to provide knowledge and skills necessary for the members and our community, we always strive to provide an education needed in their daily living for those inflected by intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder for the betterment of their lives. An individual should expect to receive one-on-one tutoring, homework help, presentation, and assignment assistance in our academic program. We also provide a sub-tutoring program called Science and Math Group, inspired by the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics introduced by the Obama administration. The Science and Math Group world-class program contains; problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and inquiry skills. 

Networking: We are all fully acquainted that, sometimes, it is now what you know, but who you know. Moonlight Group Homes LLC provides a program solely designed to create a network system with those looking for employment opportunities, college, and beyond college careers for individuals who have been affected by intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. In our networking program, Moonlight Group Homes LLC staff would assist our members with resume and cover letter building skills, job interview techniques, and public skills to enhance the confidence and self-esteem of our members. Moonlight Group Homes LCC also provides volunteering opportunities for those who would like to obtain more experiences collaborating with others.

Our Mission

Moonlight Group Homes LLC’s mission is to provide person-centered residential group homes and community integration services in addition to residential care to individuals with developmental disabilities and autism. We aim to optimize the cognitive and the physical abilities of those inflicted by intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders to feel safe, have a sense of belonging, and have a place they can call their homes.